Fairs and Events

The MTB, through the Fairs and Events coordination, performs the task of promotiing the touristic destinations of Mexico, through their participation in national and international exhibitions and events.

In order to support a comprehensive and competitive positioning of Mexico as a great touristic destination, in order to disseminate the culture and services of our country, and to promote the Mexican gastronomy, we coordinate activations and promotional activities in various events within the country and abroad.

We develop and Annual Program of International Fairs, which includes our participation in the most important fairs in the main markets of North America, Europe and Latin America, integrating in a single Pavilion the country's tourism offerings, with the goal of strengthening the presence and promotion of Mexico in the world.

Stand de Ferias

:: Contact

Lic. Mariana Martínez Maldonado
Coordinator of Fairs and Events
[email protected]
Phone: 52784200 Ext. 1510


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