Market Research

Market research facilitates the formulation of promotional strategies in domestic and international markets by identifying tourist profiles and market tendencies.

The Integral System of Information on Tourism Markets (SIIMT) has been created for this purpose. The SIIMT is an institutional portal of the Board that aims to provide reliable, relevant and timely information to back decisions on promotion and support for the domestic and international marketing of Mexico's tourism products.

The Integral System of Information on Tourism Markets (SIIMT) consists of various sections:

·         Outbound tourism countries

·         Mexican destinations

·         General figures

Each of these contains statistical and market information from a variety of sources.

:: Contact

Act. Patricia Hernández Landa
Market Intelligence Director
[email protected]
Tel. 5278 4200 Ext. 1545

Lic. Víctor Hugo Quintero Morales
SIIMT Manager
[email protected]
[email protected]
Tel. 5278 4200 Ext. 1544


Last update: September 30, 2015


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