Mission and Vision



Harnessing the country’s great tourism potential and transforming it into an engine for growth and development that contributes to the goal of a prosperous Mexico, as the National Development Plan 2013-2018 states, requires effective promotion to disseminate the experiences and tourist attractions that Mexico offers.

Therefore, efforts to increase the competitiveness of tourism destinations and raising the quality of goods and services offered to the visitors should be complemented with active and innovative promotion that encourages touristic Knowledge of Mexico, increase tourist arrivals and contribute to generate greater economic benefits to boost regional development and the creation of well-remunerated jobs.

The MTB carries out this promotion using modern technologies of information and communications, as well as using state of the art and best industry practices.


The promotion, both integrally and competitively, of Mexico, its products and destinations, in domestic and international markets, by means of joint efforts involving all stakeholders in tourism.


Be a leading organization in the promotion of tourism, encouraging participation and joint efforts by the various stakeholders in the industry.


Alignment of the MTB to the National Development Plan 2013-2018


National Goal.
A prosperous Mexico.

Objective of the National Goal.
Harnessing the tourism potential of Mexico to generate greater economic benefit in the country.

Objective of the National Goal Strategy.
Encourage greater flow of investment and financing in the tourism sector and the effective promotion of tourist destinations.

Sector Objective Programme.
Boosting tourism promotion to contribute to the diversification of markets and the development and growth of the sector.

Sectoral strategies goals.

  1. To promote Mexico as a quality tourist destination offering a variety of attractive and unique experiences.
  2. To impulse the development of the domestic market by promoting in the population of the country the desire for a deeper knowledge of Mexico and its destinations.
  3. To Increase the promotion of Mexico in traditional markets, and to encourage the diversification of markets.

Institutional objectives

  1. Strengthen the image of Mexico as a tourist destination by promoting the quality, diversity and authenticity of its attractions.
  2. To contribute to economic growth from international tourism through advertising campaigns and promotional tools aimed at products, customer segments and niche markets with great potential.
  3. To boost the growth of the domestic tourism by encouraging locals to travel and visit the sights that Mexico offers.
  4. To Consolidate the presence and increase in market share in the United States and Canada.
  5. To Diversify source markets of tourists with focus on emerging markets with higher growth potential.
  6. To promote greater air connectivity to facilitate the arrival of tourists to a greater number of destinations and to open new markets.