:: Objective of the campaign

  • Target. Men and Women, 25 to 65 years old, NSE A/B and C+. These are people who like to travel with family, friends or partner, and take advantage of traveling seasons to do so.

:: General Objectives

    1. Promote the touristic offer of states and destinations as well as the new touristic products.
    2. Launch the new Routes of Mexico as and attractive new way to travel and know Mexico.
    3. Show the efforts of touristic promotion to motivate consumers to travel and curiosity to know the country.

:: Creativity

  • Capitalize the strength of "VIVE MEXICO" and generate curiosity as well as the desire to know Mexico through questions related to destinations and touristic routes.
  • Objective: Direct the consumer to to answer the questions and learn about The Routes of Mexico as a new way to travel.

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